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 President decided on working with the school communicator from 2014 and thus, needs all information from our parents.  Parents that want to download the communicator on their laptop, notebook, netbook, I-Pad, Tablet, Desktop, I-phone or smartphone can do so at where you can click on download to download the app for your spesific phone or computer.  Under downloads, search for HoŽrskool President High School and follow the steps.

Parents can collect their reports between 17:00 and 19:00 on 3 December at HoŽrskool President High School


President het besluit om in 2014 te begin werk met die "communicator".  Daarom kort ons al ons ouers se inligting.  Ouers wat die communicator wil aflaai, kan so doen by Jy kan dit aflaai op jou notebook, netbook, skootrekenaar, slimfoon, tafelrekenaar, I-phone of tablet.  Kyk onder downloads vir HoŽrskool President High School

Ouers kan hulle rapporte afhaal, tussen 17:00 en 19:00 op 3 Desember by HoŽrskool President High School 






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