Hoërskool President High School
Hoërskool President High School
About The School

Hoërskool President High School

Hoërskool President High School is situated in Ridgeway, South of Johannesburg. The school was established in 1967. The school maintains a healthy balance of tradition, discipline, and a progressive approach to contemporary education.

President High School accommodates almost 2000 learners with over 100 qualified staff members.  The school has about 98 Classrooms, 4 fully equipped Science Labs, and 1 Reading Lab.  


As a school, we are dedicated to creating an effective and efficient working school by providing quality teaching in every classroom every day.



  • Strive towards developing the learners’ full potential while teaching our learners to take responsibility for their rights and talents.
  • Provide guidance to learners by maintaining a high standard of education in a well-organized environment.
  • Develop well-balanced individuals to become intellectually stimulated and productive members of society through the promotion of parallel medium education.
  • Ensure the availability of high-quality education as well as sufficient resources and facilities to guide the development of learners.
  • Actively involve parents in meaningful roles that contribute to the education of our learners.

Principal: Mr Q de Lange

Deputy Principal: Ms. S. Ritchie

Deputy Principal: Mr. M. De Beer