Hoërskool President High School
Hoërskool President High School
Code Of Conduct


School Times No Entry through Main Reception Gate

Mondays to Thursdays 07:40 – 14:15

Fridays 07:40 – 12:30

All parents/guardians and learners to adhere strictly to the following points of procedure:

  1. Arrival at school

  • Failure to obey this system could result in a serious penalty from the Traffic Department.
  • Parents/guardians may not park their cars in the driveway, on pavements or in front of the school’s main gate, or at the entrance of the staff parking.

  1. Departure from school

  • The same collection points for each grade are to be used after school.
  • Learners being collected after 14:45 must wait inside the school grounds and be collected at the main entrance on Rifle-Range Road.
  • Learners may not sit near the main gate in the afternoons or before school. This area is to be kept clear at all times.
  • Learners must make use of the waiting area to the right of the main entrance.

  1. Parking

  • For safety reasons Parents and Transport Drivers need to refrain from parking in the middle of the road and obstructing traffic. We need to be considerate of each other and motorists using Rifle-range Road.
  • Visitors may only Park inside the school permitted by the main office.


General provisions for early dropping-off and late collection

The school does not run an after-care facility. Parents/guardians are responsible for their teenagers before the start of the school day and after school. 

Parents/guardians must therefore understand that learners who are dropped off early and picked up late are not individually supervised unless they are part of a scheduled extra-mural activity. Learners must stay within the school grounds until collected.

Learners are expected to behave in the manner of a reasonable person of their age, having received a quality education at Hoërskool President High School. The learner is expected to adhere to all safety rules and instructions given from time to time.

To assist parents/guardians; there are two security guards on duty at all times. However, this does not mean that the school takes responsibility for learners on the property outside school hours.

Learners sometimes leave the school property during the time they are waiting to be collected and/or they wait outside on the pavement. This is very unwise. Please discuss this issue with your child and warn them of the dangers of doing this. For their safety, they MUST wait inside the school property.


The supervising extra-mural teachers are responsible for the participating learners only for the advertised/scheduled times of the activity.

School functions and extra-mural activities held on or off the property commencing after school (14:15)

Learners are supervised only for the duration of the school function and fifteen minutes after the advertised finishing time.

Teachers have already completed additional duties and need to return home to their families.  Learners must wait within the school property making use of the waiting area which

Is to the right of the main gate and in the vicinity of the guardhouse. The security guards and the school will not be held liable for /their safety. The school will deem it necessary to take action if it is found that the same learners are repeatedly collected late after evening functions/activities.